A Brief Discussion Of Reach At Sundarban From Kolkata

Sundarban Tiger Reserve is one of the most popular heritage sites in India for wildlife lovers, who visit and offer brilliant opportunities to the spot rare Royal Bengal tigers. Now Sundarban become a top-line tourist place in West Bengal for it’s beauty of nature along with many birds, animals, and reptiles.

Tourists can reach Sundarban from Kolkata in various ways such as by road, rail, and water. It is well connected by road, and rail with Kolkata directly. You can reach Canning railway station by rail from Sealdah. Canning is the nearest railway station to Sundarban, you can travel by auto or private transporter from Canning to Gasaba. Apart from this, you can reach Sundarban by boat from the jetty. Sundarban Tiger Reserve is located in Bagna Canning, Sonakhali, and West Sundarbans forest in      

Namkhana, Raidighi and canning. Making travel from Kolkata to Sundarban is a little risky for all new commerce. It is better to make a plan for a Sundarban tour from Kolkata with a professional and experienced Sundarban tour operator

 The attraction of Sundarban:  

In Sundarban there are many sights are available. Sundarban tiger reserve is also known as the home of the ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. Other attractive wild animals, birds, and reptiles can also attract tourists directly to Sundarban. Visitors come to Sundarban and take a boat safari tour to see Bengal tigers and other wildlife. 

 A huge number of mangrove forest is found in Sundarban which grow in salty water. So the maximum number of people come to Sundarban and enjoy their moment very much. 

 Although you can reach Sundarban from Kolkata by road, rail, and water. But water is the best medium to visit all the sightseeing of Sundarban and it is fully impossible by road. if you do not know these routes properly, you can get confused and end up looking for ways to reach the place. Let’s know how to reach Sundarban from Kolkata safely.

Reach the nearest railway station of Sundarban from Kolkata by train

If you want to make a journey by train, then you can catch a canning local from Sealdah railway station to Canning which is the nearest railway station to Sundarban. Sealdah railway station is a major junction in West Bengal on the North Eastern Railway route and is connected to various cities in India by regular trains. It takes around 2.30 hours to reach Canning railway station.

You can travel from Kolkata or another part of India to the Sealdah junction. After reaching the Sealdah you can take a taxi or local train to canning. There are many private cabs are available in Kolkata for canning rather than train. So you can hire a private car for canning.  

Reach Sundarban from Kolkata by road:

Tourists who like to travel by road, they can take public transport from Kolkata to Canning, then Canning and Godkhali. It is safe to book a cab or bus as there is plenty of public transport. It is about 120 km from Canning and 64 km from Kolkata to Godkhali by road. From Gadkhali you can travel by boat to the Sundarban.

Reach Sundarban from Kolkata by air 

Although Sundarban is directly not connected with the air but also it is connected indirectly by air with all parts of the world. Everyone can reach Kolkata from all corners of the world in a limited time. From Kolkata, all tourists have multiple options to travel to Sundarban.

You can hire a taxi or bus from Kolkata airport to Godkhali, which will take around 3 hours by road.

By water: 

Most parts of Sundarban are connected to each other with the water. You hire motorboats and other means of water transportation to reach Godkhali and take enter to Sundarban region.  

Apart from the Godkhali water transport are available from the sager island, Sajnekhali, Raidighi, and Namkhana which are easily accessible by road to canning.  

But always you should travel to Sundarban with an experienced and professional tour guide because safety is an important factor for making a Sundarban tour. Many Sundarban tourpackages are offered by many travelagencies but you can make a customized Sundarbantourpackage as per your need along with your budget.