Amazing tour


Boat Safari

Boat safari in Sundarban is a great thing to get involved in. Those who come to Sundarban take up this boat safari at least once. If you do not take this then you will miss a big part of Sundarban’s fun. This boat safari has so much to give. It helps you feel free, explore Sundarban with your own eyes, get some great photos for yourself.

Fire Camp

Fire camp is very special for the winter season only. Tourists can enjoy our fire camp in the evening time with some special food and cultural program. It gives better enjoyment than any kind of cultural program in both urban and rural areas. Fire is made of local wood only so that tourists get a chance to enjoy our natural fire camp very much.

Local Folk dance

Local folk dance is the real identity of the culture of the local area. Tourists can enjoy our local folk dance a lot which is performed by the local folk artist which can give them much information by their folk dance. Both male and female artists in Sundarban area perform folk dance and their fascinating dance form teach them a lot along with refreshing their mind.

Enjoy Walking

Tourists get the pleasure to walk in the nature of Sundarban. They can get the opportunity to walk in mud by visiting much sightseeing. Really, they will feel like never before which will give them joy and happiness in their mind. The people from the city area have bound to think walking is the best physical labor in life and when it will be in mud then the feeling is amazing.

Bird Watching Tower

There are too many bird-watching towers are available in Sundarban. You can watch birds and wild animals clearly from these bird watching towers. They get the opportunity to watch birds closely from the protected area with high security. So that tourists involve with birds very much which remind them about the nature and it’s beauty.