How To Choose The Right Sundarban Travel Agency?

We know Sundarban is a delta of a large area that is formed by the confluence of three big rivers. It contains a big mangrove forest. Many wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles are lived in Sundarban. Apart from this, many royal Bengal tigers live there. They move freely in the jungle. Sometimes royal Bengal tigers come to the riverside and village area for hunting. It is seen that many peoples and villagers are attacked by the royal Bengal tigers every year. So safety is the major thing in Sundarban during the Sundarban tour. There are too many natural things available in Sundarban that help the tourists to spend their time in Sundarban with the best enjoyment. So that their mind gets freshness in a short time. Tourists can make 1 day Sundarban tour for the weekend only but it is very difficult to cover the sightseeing of Sundarban. Tourists will miss the night stay in Sundarban in this 1 day Sundarban tour package. You can make a Sundarban tour for 1 night 2 days which will give you batter enjoyment than 1 day Sundarban tour. Apart from this, you can choose the Sundarban tour for 2nights 3 days for the best enjoyment. Still, if you will not cover everything then you can make a customized Sundarban tour package. But we should remember we can enjoy our Sundarban tour very much with the best safety if we will make our Sundarban tour with a genuine and right Sundarban travel agent. So it is very important to find the right Sundarban travel agent before booking our Sundarban tour package.

Some tips to choose the right Sundarban travel agency

You can safely visit the Sundarban through the Sundarban Tourism Agency. Sundarban travel agencies provide the service to the customer as per their need within a minimum budget. They can guide you properly for the best enjoyment with the best safety.  The following tips can help you to choose the right Sundarban travel agency.

• Experience

 Without an experienced tour guide or tour manager, we would never be able to enjoy Sundarban tour safely because they are aware of the safety guideline for their tourist which is implemented by the tourism department. Their experience may help you to make a hassle-free tour.

•  It is fully professional

We need to focus on the agency we are talking about, whether it's professional or not. A professional agency has given us a lot of benefits because of their professionalism. They serve their tourists properly from pick up to drop. So the tourists will be fully safe and they can enjoy it very much. They maintain everything professionally which will motivate you to go for new sightseeing.

•  Flexible transport facility

 We will also select agencies that take into account our transportation facilities and was concerned about how we could travel safely. Many experiences and genuine Sundarban travel agencies provide transportation facilities to their tourists by their own AC and Non-AC vehicles from Kolkata which will relax you more from the starting of your Sundarban tour.

• Affordable Sundarban tour package

 Experienced tour operators have many Sundarban tour packages for their customers. Many of them allow making a customized Sundarban tour package with the budget of the tourists. So it will help you to remove extra travel costing.

• Food and Accommodation

It is important to check the food quality during our Sundarban tour. We should check the details of the food menu along with the accommodation system because there are too many wild animals available in Sundarban. Professional and experienced Sundarban travel agency has experienced chefs who prepare quality food.

• Check customers’ review

We should check the reviews of customers from GMB, TripAdvisor, and other social media. If possible we should contact the previous tourists for better security.

• Is your agent government registered? 

 We need to know if he is a responsible citizen and whether the Sundarban tour agency is registered with the government or not. Whether they are ISO certified or not. The registered and the government-listed tourism agency follow the government guideline strictly.

• Local tour Agency

There too many Sundarban travel agencies are available in Gosaba. Many of them have vast experience in making a Sundarban tour. Local tour operators are well known for the sightseeing Sundarban tour. I think their guide helps us for more security.

• Check COVID 19 Precaution

What kind of precaution is taken by the travel agency for Covid-19? In addition to being a full-fledged business owner, the tourism agency should promise to take all the precautions for Covid-19 and to take their beautiful tour boats twice, in front of the tourism board and every minute to counter the expansion of Covid-19.  They provide Pocket sanitizer, face mask, and face shield also.