Privacy Pllicy


Privacy of our all customers is our primary importance. Neither we use the personal data like phone number and email id rather than communicate with them for sundarban tour related information nor we share to other without their consent. Sunderban holidays never share the information of our customers to other in any circumstances.
We treat the person as group head who make the tour booking by initial communicate with our tour operators. So that we store the information of group leader in our database. We verify the booking invoice both online and offline before making our tourists’ tour. So tourists’ booking invoice is an important things before starting your journey to complete your journey. Sundarban holidays does not allow the unauthorized reach, misuse and discloser of the personal information of the tourists strictly. If any update will be done regarding our Privacy policy then we will update it in our website before sufficient time.


Always we try to give maximum security to our website. Therefore, end to end encryption system is embedded in our website with high configuration server. It is not entertain to raise a bad traffic on website and financial transaction. The website of Sunderbanholidays does not store any data of customers’ bank accounts in any situation. Online payment transaction is done by our payment gateway provider which is recognised by Govt. of India.


After making online payment a booking confirmation mail will sent to your provided email id. Sometimes it may be missed due to server problem. We are not responsible before credit payment to our bank accounts. We accept both online and offline payment.
We need following documents for payment confirmation:-
.Payment Invoice
.Transaction details for online payment (if required).
Note :- It is an offence to claim by showing a payment invoice by using technology wrongly. In this matter Sundarban holidays may take legally action against this types of customers.