The Holiday Vacation in Sundarban

Now, most of the people in India are engaged in various work to maintain their lifestyle. Hence they have a busy schedule every day. So that there is a chance of suffering from stress for everybody. Relaxation plays a very important role to reduce stress for everybody. To keep this in mind, both the government and non-government offices gives vocational holidays to their employee to reduce the stress. So that they can give the optimum output to the offices for a long time. Generally, the main of vacation is to relax from daily work for a short period along with refreshing the mind which can motivate them to execute their duty properly after vacation. This is used for motivation to the employee. It’s sure the holiday vacation is very much necessary for all the working people at least once a year. Sundarban is a nice tourist place in West Bengal. The vacation time can be sped easily with maximum enjoyment in Sundarban. So that you can make a plan for the Sundarban tour during the holiday vacation.

Sundarban is situated in the eastern region of West Bengal which shares it’s border with both Bangladesh and India. Actually, Sundarban is an Iceland that is formed by the confluence of three big rivers i.eMeghnariver, The Ganga, and the Brahmaputra rivers. This Iceland is formed naturally by the GOD which contains lots of beauty like mangrove forests, wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles. There are too many sightseeings are situated within the Sundarban area. The main transportation medium is the river. So that the people or tourists of Sundarban use houseboats for their transportation service. Everyone can enjoy the riding Sundarban houseboat. During the journey in the river, you can see the swimming crocodile, fish, turtles, and many more. The hunting crocodile can touch the houseboat because of it’s hunting nature. But all the houseboats are well designed and followed the government’s safety guidelines. So that the tourists inside the houseboat are fully safe. The people who want for night's stay in the houseboat can stay there. This will give an extraordinary experience to the tourists. As there is a huge mangrove forest in the Sundarban jungle which is also developed at the riverside, the tigers are seen at the riverside sometimes because they come to the riverside for searching their food. When tourists get a chance to see the swimming of the tiger in the river tourists get the most pleasure but it is seen rarely. It depends on the luck of the people only.

Apart from this thousands and thousands of birds of various species come to Sundarban every season. Tourists can watch this clearly from the bird watching tower safely and closely. Apart from this, the wild animals like deer, wolf, fox, and rabbits are also clearly seen from the watching tower closely. Sure, the mind will be refreshed in a short period. The Royal Bengal tiger is the most attractive part of Sundarban which is moving there freely. These are harmful to all but there is a tiger reserve area called Sundarban national park is established by the government for tigers only. That’s why tigers are seen outside the national park rarely. But tourists can complete their Sundarban tour safely by following all safety guidelines.

Now question is that “What is the accommodation system in Sundarban?”

There are many hotels and resorts available in Sundarban. Both ac and non-ac rooms are available there with delicious food. Many hotels and resorts hire experienced cooks from many established hotels in various cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. Most of the hotels prefer to serve local food to the tourists but it fully depends on the tourists' needy. Many of them have experienced chefs who are well trained in both Indian and continental food preparation. So positively they serve standard food to their customers. So that food and accommodation are not a big issue for the Sundarban tour.

Now there are many Sundarban tour operators available in Kolkata and Gosaba who are providing many Sundarban tour packages for the tourists. You make a customized Sundarban tour package for making a Sundarban tour. Many Sundarban tour operators provide some special Sundarban tour packages for the vacation. You can try for 1 day Sundarban tour for verification purposes only. After that, you can make a plan for the Sundarban tour for 1 night and 2 days or the Sundarban tour for 2 nights and 3 days. Apart from this, you can make a customized Sundarban tour package for more requirements.